Stock market information

2019 2018 2017
Number of shares at end of periodNumber of shares24,028,438 24,028,438 24,028,438
Market capitalization at end of periodk370,519372,921660,782
Price at end of period15.4215.5227.50
Average daily trading volumenumber of shares34,83327,35124,330
Average daily traded capital562,702634,980596,557
  • Main indices : CAC® All Shares, CAC® All Tradable, CAC® Basic Materials, CAC® Mid & Small, CAC® Small, Next 150
  • Market: Euronext Paris – Compartiment B
  • Listed on Euronext Paris
  • Code or ticker: JCQ
  • ISIN code: FR0000033904
  • Bloomberg : JCQ FP
  • Reuters : JCQ.PA